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1Who_Am_I_In_Christ.jpg Who am I in Christ

Listen and enjoy as God's words are spoken to you reminding you of "Who you are" in His Son. Beautiful, original music in the background.

1bestill_cover.jpg Be Still
Be Still and listen to God's words of healing. This CD may just encourage you to dance to Him, maybe for the first time in your walk with Jesus. Enjoy the beautiful, original music playing in the background.

1Hidden_Agendas_20_cd_collection.jpg Hidden Agendas 20 CD Set
This 20 CD set was recorded live at the Vineyard Community Church between September and November of 2008. This series identifies the 10 traps that hold us back from fulfilling our assignment: Fear, People Pleasing, Envy and Jealousy, Critical Spirit, Control, Anger, Rejection, Perfectionism, Procrastination, and Unforgiveness. But, the series identifies the Attributes of Christ that are in us, that will overcome the traps. A marvelous series.

1Captivating_Influence.jpg Captivating Influence

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